Friday, November 21, 2008


I have recently given up on computer games in favor of knitting. This is partly because it's finally cold enough that I want to sit around with a pile of wool on my lap. But it's also because the OCD piece of my personality is cyclical in nature and obsesses in waves.

Mostly I've been knitting socks.

Socks for me.

Socks for Pete.

Socks for no one because I'm not sure I can stand the yarn/pattern combination enough to knit the second sock. (I like the way they look, but the yarn is too slippery and the pattern made a very poochy heel. Also, you may note a hole that was created by not-my-favorite-heel-instructions-ever.)

I may write another post or two about knitting, but just in case anyone was curious as to what happened to me post-election, the answer is: Socks.


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I miss knitting. I made myself an iPod cozy when I moved down here, but then I couldn't think of anything else useful to make. Not much need for scarves down here...