Monday, November 24, 2008

Goddamnit, Apple

Why is it so hard to crop photos in iPhoto? It is the only software on my Mac that I truly and deeply hate. Although iTunes is working very hard at pissing me off.

iPhoto: get it together. It's easier to crop and resize pictures using the software that came with my camera. You have to work at being that crappy, so please stop trying so hard. Maybe be just a little annoying, like how the photos I've uploaded into my Pictures file aren't automatically added to my iPhoto library. You can keep that "feature." Just let me crop and edit without trauma. And maybe remind me that when I hit "save" to keep the cropping I finally got to work (with no small amount of swearing and threatening my MacBook with bodily harm, I might add) that you're replacing the copy of the photo in my library and maybe ask me if I'd like to save the cropped version as a copy rather than replacing the original.

I swear, if I didn't have to pay to upload more than 100mb of picture a month with Flickr, I would stop using iPhoto all together. As it is, I think I'm going to need a Valium before any future use.

(Also: why is it that when I add a picture on my goddamn blog it always inserts it at the beginning of the post? I'm so fawking sorry I'm not a goddamned expert at HTML, Blog Interface! Arrrgh!

Erm... I'm going to go have a little lie down now and try to calm my burgeoning inner technophobe.)

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Dale said...

I've wondered that about blogger pictures too. You can always just drag the picture code somewhere else later (as I assume you did here), but it is annoying.