Monday, April 02, 2007

New Feature: Pete Stuff

So FREQUENTLY, Pete finds something awesome and hilarious on-line and I am like, "You should post this on your blog." And he says, "But no one reads my blog. You should post it on yours." And I point out that people would read his blog if he ever posted anything on it. It's a circular argument. So I hereby inaugurate the "Pete Stuff" feature which will appear any time we have one of these retarded conversations. It's to benefit all of you, The People. I was originally going to call this feature "Awesome Stuff That Pete Found On The Internet But Is Too Lazy To Post On His Own Goddamn Blog," but then I didn't think I'd want to retype that every time he identifies something new.

This first "stuff" actually comes via Pete from Ben. Are you familiar with Viva Pinata? Pete and I discovered it some time ago and it is muy weird. It deeply bothered me at first because I could not determine, try as I might, whether or not it was ironic. I hate that! Now it doesn't bother me, but I still find it unwatchable. Nonetheless, this Viva Pinata-related video on YouTube is hilarious. Please to enjoy!


Joseph said...

You're absolutely right. Things that are of indeterminate ironicity (look! new word!) suck.

That ad is the most awesome thing ever. I mean, truly brilliant. "For you, an uncomfortable silence."

And Pete is silly. I read his blog all the time. Which is to say, my RSS agregator reads his blog once every half-hour or so and lets me know if there's anything new (it's thoughtful that way). But if he were to post more awesome things of this nature, I surely would learn about them.

SonicLlama said...

Pete really ought to update his own goddamn blog- I check it every so often...
Only to fine that it has been abandoned and forgotten, like a half-crushed kitten skull.

That ad was awesome. And effective... I can't help but be interested in the game now.