Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ah, family!

My family is pretty damn awesome. They're all happy and funny and they like everyone. Holidays are a hoot and even though we always tell the same stories the same way, even though we always play the same games and serve the same foods, even though the cousins all try to bait each other into the same traps and minor embarrassments, I always look forward to them. We're not a large family, but what we may lack in membership we more than make up for in personality.

Given that, they're pretty hard to compete with in the "awesome families" category. One might worry that marriage would pose a problem, as who wouldn't want to spend every holiday with such a splendid group of lovable scamps? But lo!, Pete's family matches mine pound for pound in awesomeness! Perhaps more, as they are generally smaller and narrower, and also there are even fewer of them. ::emoticon!:: Pete's family is all happy and wry and clever, and they like everyone too. And holidays are a gas, with their combination of English and American customs, their stories that are different every year, and those rare moments when someone says something so funny it gets a real, genuine guffaw out of one of Pete's brothers-in-law. Or one of his sisters, for that matter. And although he doesn't have cousins in town (or on this continent) he does have a niece and nephew, and they are pretty amazing.

This is just to say that I'm very grateful for how lucky we both are. And I would finish this post with some amazing summary, only I just rubbed my eyes with the hand that held the chili pepper I chopped for dinner (Asian steak salad!) so now I have to go wash away the burning.

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