Thursday, November 02, 2006

Birthday Fever

I may get paid tomorrow, but then it's Gramma's birthday (11/5), Pete's birthday (11/6), Dad's birthday (11/11) and my birthday (11/11) all in a row. I have a feeling this pay check won't even make it out of the gate. When I was a kid, I used to dream about have a vast network of large underground chambers filled with toys and dress-up clothes, costume jewelry and endless pioneer-related young adult novels. I think that even then I understood that as "totally awesome" as said warren would be, eventually my interests and tastes would change and so would my concept of what would constitute a perfect state of material existence. But I never in a million years thought I would be so so boring as I am now. What is my ultimate perfect wish now? To eventually be able to save some money so that I could buy a house someday. Yep, when I think, "You know what would be totally awesome?" my interior monologue responds, "Yeah, makin' enough to save a little every month for maybe getting a house someday. Ooh, or maybe just to pay off my loans a little sooner!" My brain can't even get to the million-dollars-and-a-yacht route. I don't know if this means that I'm extremely practical or extremely boring (or maybe it doesn't mean anything at all), but somewhere deep inside
I can hear my inner-wannabe pioneer shouting, "No! Bonnets! You should totally get some bonnets ...and calico skirts ...and and and maybe ...ooh! You should get a WAGON! Seriously! you need a WAGON!"


SonicLlama said...

My financial dream is to have a steady enough income that I can go out for burriots whenever I want. I don't want to have to be all "Can I really afford this burrito? Can I? Maybe I should just go home and eat a more affordable plate of spaghetti." No, I want burritos. Well, that and my student loans paid off. How banal is that?
Gone are dreams of my own Mad Scientist castle where I have a moat filled with giant sharks, my own observatory, and a rocket pad.
Adulthood sucks! I say- give into the little irresponsible things every so often. Wagon's may be impractical, but dagnabbit, you can still get yourself a bonnet and calico skirt if you want. Besides, a bonnet would be a hilarious thing for you to own.

Sydney said...

Hilarious and... practical for bad hair days, I guess. Yeah, I don't know where one would even go about making inquiries to acquire such an item, let alone outright procure one!

Joseph said...

Duh. You drive up to Bend and steal an exhibit from the High Desert Museum. Preferably while weilding a blunderbuss and yelling "Tarnation!" at the top of your lungs.