Monday, November 13, 2006

America: Just say "No (deal)!" to Howie!

What is the deal with "Deal or No Deal?" Do people really believe that they have a "strategy?" Are they really that stupid?

Howie: Which case would you like to open?
Fat White Contestant: Well, my son - Jimmbo (that's with two "M"s, Howie!) - was born on October 25th, when I was 16 years old, so...
Howie: So, case 10, 25 or 16?
Fat White Contestant: What? Howie, what are you talking about? ::hysterical hyena laughter - pointing at Howie with thumb:: No, I want case 31!
Howie: Um, I'm sorry, but there is no case 31.
Fat White Contestant: Not 31, 3 and 1! Case 4! Open case 4 girly!
[audience cheers - girl opens case to reveal $10,000, eliciting roars of aprobation from the stands]
Fat White Contestant: See! See, Howie! I knew Jimmbo would come through for me!

I swear to God, if it weren't for... um, well, okay, I don't know why I'm not weeping silently to myself right now at the downfall of American culture (such as it is). Maybe because I still have leftover birthday cake waiting for me in the kitchen. If anyone can explain the appeal of "Deal or No Deal" as a "strategy game," I bid them do so! Unless their answer is, "Retards," because that I could come up with on my own.


Anonymous said...

Yep, we watched that show several times when we were in England just to check, and it really really really has no point whatsoever. So why did they bring it here? Why not some of those crazy Japanese game shows I've seen clips of? Now those look entertaining--skinny guys with big cards on their back trying to run against the wind from a big fan. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't mean to be Anonymous, I'm just too lazy to create a login because seriously, how many passwords can one person remember?! This is Kate, and so was the last one.

Stormy said...

I watch Deal or No Deal for the same reason that I watch figure skating (esp. pairs), gymnastics, and car races: I want to see someone fall/crash/lose a whole lot money.

I once watched a woman, whose mother I think suffered from some horrible organ failure, who has brought her entire church choir to the audience, turn down $83,000 because he had a 20% chance of getting $500,000 (or something like that). She ended up getting $5.

These idiots, for some reason, keep asking the crowd what they should do, even though the crowd has no interest in watching them take the deal.

BTW, happy birthday Sydney.