Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why do dogs hate pot?

TV is all about dogs hating on stoners these days. There are two ads/PSAs in particular: a "live action" and a cartoon. The live action one doesn't really make sense. I mean, if you think your dog is talking to you, it's not the pot that's the problem - it's whatever the pot is laced with that's the problem. Also: making animals look like they're talking is always a stupid gimmick. And then the cartoon. I HATE those PSAs with the yellow background where the cartoon puppy is like, "You disappoint me," and then goes and raises his lame little flag. (Symbolism, anyone?) I hope those ads are making kids want to smoke pot. And I hope that they think "Fuck that sanctimonious little dog from the TV" as they do it.

Also, can anyone explain to me the sour skittles commercial with the guy hooked up to the milking apparatus? I mean, that is seriously weird.


Eric said...

I just saw that skittles commercial tuesday night while watching the Sox game. It was seriously weird, and did not make me want to have skittles. Maybe I need to smoke some pot...

Joseph said...

I'm generally opposed to anti-pot ads for all the obvious reasons. On the other hand, I guess I'm glad that the PSAs are getting a little bit more honest. Sure, talking dogs are weird and annoying, but it's better than telling me I'm going to run over the 15 year old girl that I impregnated while stealing rosaries from helpless nuns if I smoke pot. At least these have some reasonable warnings, I guess (gee, smoking pot may make you unmotivated...).

SonicLlama said...

Funnily enough, I remember an article in Slate a while back proclaiming these to be the "Best anti-pot ads ever."
Given what other anti-drug ads have been like, I do have to agree. I mean, at least these have a light touch. Like Joseph said, these ads are merely saying that smoking pot turns you into a loser rather than an inpregnating kleptomanical vehicular-homiciding nun-hater.
We're always going to have anti-pot PSAs. I think that the day pot becomes legal in the US, flying pigs will be there to smoke it. So, given that situation, I'd much rather have aliens and dogs than ads that liken pot to terrorism and murder.
I mean, these ads don't really offer much to argue with- I do think that having pot as an illegal substance is ludicrous. But I also think that smoking pot in excess does make you a loser. So, I don't have much in the way of problems with these ads.
And I'd have gone with the alien too. Who wouldn't really?