Friday, July 06, 2007

No, seriously: those PSAs suck

No, I'm sorry, I have to disagree: those ads are stupid. That irritating little dog being all like, "You disappoint me." Those ads make me want to get stoned and punt a puppy across a large room. And I love puppies! I don't think they really make the case for "smoke pot = loserdom." I think they make the case for "guy with talking puppy = tool." I really doubt that anyone sees those and says, "Yeah, pot is lame!"

The anti-pot ads I liked were the ones with the kid talking about how when he smokes weed he just goes and sits on his friend's couch in his basement. And that's it. They don't do anything and life just passes them by. I thought that was honest and probably the closest thing to a convincing argument one was likely to see in a PSA. Although really: does anyone think, "Ooh, marijuana looks so glamorous!" I bet it's more like, "Ooh, marijuana makes my boring suburban life a little funny and helps pass the time." But then, I've never been much for what is (for me) essentially an expensive sleep aid. So perhaps I'm biased. :)

That dog is a tool.

Also, I hate him. And his little flag.



Eric said...

Here's a more realistic commercial.

Talking Dog:
You're not the same when you smoke weed. Actually you're way cooler, talk to me a bunch, and feed me a bunch of snacks while you watch Cartoon Network. I wish you were high right now so I could get me some Beggin' Strips.
Oh! Well, I have a little left over from the party last weekend, I could spark a bowl right now.
Talking Dog:
Would you, just for me? After the munchies, I'll let you rub my belly for, like, 30 minutes. I know you love that when you're stoned.
Yeah! Your fur is so soft and warm! I thought you were going get on my case about doing too many drugs.
Talking Dog:
WTF? No way! Have you seen where we live? This suburbia nightmare? Keep on rollin' those Js.
Sweet, lets do this.

Sydney said...

That would be super awesome. You can totally see the stoner and the dog at Pet Smart, the dog all, "Snaussages!" and the stoner all, "He he... Snaussages..." for just like hours. That, of course, would be the Paid Programming ad on at 10am on a channel without a stable of soap operas.