Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Dentist Appointment

Twenty-six years, zero cavities! And that's not the only good news I got at the dentist yesterday. My front tooth that's been all crazy sensitive to hot and cold is dying and will need a root canal. But the tooth itself is in such good shape, all they have to do is drill a small hole in the back and remove the root, and then patch it up with a little dental spackle! Where is the good news in a root canal, you may ask? I have no fear of the dentist, so the root canal doesn't bother me. There'll be Novocain and I'll have my iPod. It'll be a little open-mouthed nap and then my tooth will stop acting like a crazy old person. "It's too cold! No, it's too hot! What's wrong with the rest of you? Can't you tell how cold it is in here? You kids get off my lawn! Where's my condensed milk? I want to pay in nickels! Is it really past four pm? Past my bedtime!" Okay, so not exactly like a crazy old person. But as close as teeth get!

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