Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Nastiest Bush In the World

So Pete and I went to visit my cousin at work the other day, and in her parking lot (well, that of her place of employ - she is in no way responsible for this) was the nastiest bush ever. Seriously: it was so disgusting. We took pictures.

Mom says that when these bushes are allowed to grow freely, they're loose-leaved with lovely bunches of shiny orange berries. Apparently when they're shorn into boxes, they become the most God forsaken shrubberies known to mankind, with hideous bunches of nasty orange maggot-berries. I'm not sure these pictures do true justice to how fully and utterly horrifying and disgusting this bush was. Hugghh... I shudder to even look at them now. I post them as a service, to you, the community at large. As a service and a warning! Hire a trained landscaper, and listen to them. Certain plants were not meant to be hedgerows. Heed this warning or face the peril that is... NASTY BUSH!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, nasty bush is pretty gross.
You're having a great time, everything's going really, really, well, and then nasty bush just spoils everything. Yes siree, proper bush maintenance is very important. Proper trimming and landscaping, as well as keeping your bush parasite free, is very important to maximizing your bush-related experiences. Of course, some people might really like nasty bush, but those people are few and far between, and genrally don't advertise so in public. So, in general: Let's all have nice clean bush! Yay for clean bush!

Anonymous said...

Was that comment about an outdoor plant or something else?

Sydney said...

I'm pretty sure it's about golf courses.