Sunday, June 29, 2008

CNN: Still Stupid

Here are the t-shirt options today:
  • Party begins for Spanish soccer fans
  • Bison again roam in Minnesota
  • Pets from floods need homes
  • Teacher fired for using book
But here is the one that would actually make an okay t-shirt:
  • Oldest profession feeling fuel-price pinch, too
Not that anyone wants a CNN headline t-shirt. I mean, that's still their greatest barrier. But it would help if the almost funny headlines were the one's making it rather than the definitely not t-shirt worthy ones. I mean, "Pets from floods need homes" is pretty much just an ad for the humane society. Which would be great if proceeds from the sale of those t-shirts went to help said pets find homes. But they don't. So very very lame.


Beau said...

I am not really hip enough to even pull off the normal ironic tee shirts. But my question is this: is it possible that there is someone cool and hip enough to make one of these shirts ironically cool? Could such coolness be contained by the Mega-Fonzie scale?

SonicLlama said...

Fonzie is cool?

I'm trying to imagine people I know wearing these shirts. Maybe Katie could pull off "Teacher fired for using book." Maybe. That's about it, though. Unless irony gets to the point of dadaism, I can't see these things as part of anyone's cool ensemble.

Beau said...

Everyone knows coolness is measured in Mega-Fonzies. The Fonzie itself is a small unit, like the Watt or the Gram and really not useful in everyday life, hence the use of the "mega-fonzie." (For further discussion see Futurama: Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television)

Sydney said...

I have to concur on the Mega-Fonzie question; it is the appropriate scale. And I think the answer is: no, there are not enough Mega-Fonzies of coolness in the world to make these t-shirts okay, even ironically.