Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who came up with this name?

Have you seen the product "Lectric Shave"? It's tagline is "Blade close. Lectric smooth." Who came up with this name? Was "Electric Shave" taken? And what does "lectric smooth" mean? That's not a thing! The new commercial has a guy with a face full of stubble that, upon closer inspection, all have his face. The stubble are all wilted and sad. And then he rubs on his shave lotion (or whatever it is) and they all stand up straight, grinning and surprised. "Lectric shave!" they shout. I have two questions.
1) How creepy is it that sentient facial hair look forward to the most obvious sign of their own demise?
2) Do all of the stubble faces have faces on their stubble?


Rip Tatermen said...

It's stubble faces all the way down.

Does anyone even use aftershave? Does it have a purpose besides Father's Day gift? Or is it just that I don't see its charms 'cause I can't grow a full beard?

Beau said...

I don't know anyone that actually uses aftershave. That said, I think you are missing the point of Lectric shave. It's use isn't post shave (after-shave / post shave lotion type product) but pre-shave so that your "lectric" shave is better.

And I agree... frightening as it is, the faces are recursive, going on forever.

Sydney said...

But why not call it "Electric Shave"? I mean, do they really think that "lectric" is more hip or cool or modern or something? Is anyone fooled by that? "Ooh, I want my face to be lectric smooth! Sign me up!"

Beau said...

Well, the bottle in my bathroom vanity says its super hip and cool!