Thursday, August 23, 2007

Once you graduate, where do you get advice?

Here is a question: Now that I've finished graduate school, where do I go for advice on my student loans? I am disinclined to tap my school's financial aid department as they haven't been much help in the past. I'm not sure I can trust my lender to give me unbiased advice and my bank's loan people aren't set up to make student loans, let alone give informed opinions about them. What have you done? Who would you talk to?


Beau said...

I went through a group called Graduate Leverage. You can find them here:

It is a group of Harvard MBA's that decided well educated people with reasonably high earnings expectations (i.e. those with adanced degrees) should get better loans than people with degrees in Phys. Ed. I highly recommend talking to them if you can.

Also... feel free to pick my brain for what its worth. I am not completely clueless having just consolidated some $60,000 myself.

Eric said...

HAHAHAHA!!! No loans for me!!! Ahh, the physical sciences (read, real) are awesome in so many ways.

Sydney said...

Eric - shove your physical sciences funding up your nose. And maybe damn you in the butt.

Ameena said...

I consolidated mine and it has worked out pretty decently (and, being a teacher, I clearly don't have a large income). However, I am not sure that's the type of advice you are looking for.