Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pot can lead to stroke, but where does "The Bachelor" get you?

Today I learned that I have a job until at least the end of January! Hooray! I also learned today that there are three known cases of adolescent male potheads dying of stroke. It was in the Journal of Pediatrics, so it must be true! Still, I like the idea that if you smoke too much weed even your blood gets lethargic. It clots, sits on your brain and just goes, "It's hard circulating and shit. Dude, just, just give up."

It is so so cold here today. I'm sure those of you living in parts of the world where it actually gets super cold would be like, "You are such a wimp," but for Portland, it is just about as cold as it gets. It's 45 degrees right now, but it was 39 when I went to work this morning at 7. It's also windy, and the air is beautifully crisp and clear, but my God, it chills you right to the bone.

Okay, so I was going to post a picture of Portland in the fall (I don't have one because I keep forgetting to take one) and my search for "Portland autumn" turned up a picture, titled "Autumn," of a half-naked girl I may have gone to college with. So nevermind.

Although thinking about people I used to go to school with in (possibly) compromising positions leads me (naturally) to The Bachelor: Rome. One of the final four contestants is a girl I went to high school with (Lisa). I don't know if she's still in the running (we DVR'd it because it's just too weird to see someone you totally recognize on TV to miss it, but we weren't willing to miss Heroes to watch it live), but if she is, you should totally check it out.


Natalie said...

Lisa who? I don't recognize that face.

Sydney said...

Lisa Blank!

SonicLlama said...

Lisa Blank! Holy shit, I remember her. Wow, she was like, on the blonde-squad, and now she's graduated to new levels preppy girlness. Weird.

Sydney said...

I'm sure there are all kinds of YouTube videos of her being really good at playing The Bachelor and of the other girls bitching about how "she's just like good at the game," like they're really in it for love.

It was truly weird to see Ally whatever her name was, another member of the blonde-squad, show up at Lisa's house (which seems to be her own - damnit, I should have gone into Market Mangement or whatever her job is) with a wedding dress. It was like watching my senior year book come alive! (Actually, I don't think I have a senior year book. I seem to remember feeling rather strongly about the ridiculousness of having to go back the next year to pick it up.)

Anonymous said...

Well, I have several comments. First, why am I posting on a blog?! I've never done this before. It doesn't feel as lame as it sounds or as lame as I thought it was before I started writing this post. But it's still weird. Second, which was actually the first thing I was going to post, i really liked your idea about blood slowly circulating and just giving up. That doesn't sound like I thought it was as funny as it was when I read it, but I was actually laughing out loud. So thanks for that. Third, whoa whoa whoa! Lisa Blank? Ali Ben Ben? Who would have thought a week ago that they would be people we were writing about on your blog of all places. I can't even get my mind around the fact that one or two of them are on a reality show. Well, we're going to have to work fast if we want to do anything that will out do that as the biggest topic of our high school reunion. I would really love to go in there and have people be like, "well, did you see Lisa on TV." And I'll be like, sorry, I didn't have time for television, I was building my hula hooping empire. "so you've become a dictator?" yeah, i've been busy.