Monday, October 30, 2006

Please name my cat.

I have plenty to blog about when I'm at work. I think of dozens of things every day that would make interesting, thoughtful posts. And then I get home and become Queen of the Brain Damaged. Maybe it's because at work my brain is free to delve the depths of the human condition (or at least to do lit searches on a variety of health-related topics) while at home the thing that seems to preoccupy my thoughts more than anything else is: how does the kitten's tiny ass produce such enomously disgusting smells?

The kitten (pictured here in her August size), by the way, still does not have a name. We've had her since July and cannot pick a proper monkier. The Humane Society called her Domino, probably because she's black with white toes, nose and chest. She has the longest tail of any cat - juvinile or adult - I've ever seen, so we've been calling her Monkey most recently. (It pretty much wraps around her whole body.) For a little while in the beginning she was called Holly for Holly Golightly who couldn't (or wouldn't) name her cat, because it was taking us so long to pick a name. Then she was Mica because of her eye color (Mom's suggestion).
But nothing sticks. Mom's newest suggestion is something canine-related because she'll eat anything, much like a dog. The kitten doesn't answer to "Fido" any more than she did to Holly or Monkey. She did answer to "Heidi" once or twice, but as that's the other cat's name it's not really a solution.
This second picture is much more recent - less than a week old. If you can think of a name for this cat, I suggest that you suggest it! And nothing to do with her markings. My uncle has already suggested the following:
  • Socks
  • Boots
  • Mittens
  • White Paws
  • Shoes
He may also be responsible for "Bibs," but that's not going to fly either.


Eric said...

Mmmm... Did Pete already suggest Scratchy? Keep up the blog. Min fell off the face of the earth once school started to get busy in week 2.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, a cat naming post. Umm. Well. I think based on your description that the name Beans would be good. I also think that Tippy, Inkers, or Zippo could be options. Have fun picking a name!

Joseph said...

I dub your cat Flibbertigibbet, or Flibber (Flib?) for short.

Connie said...

"how does the kitten's tiny ass produce such enomously disgusting smells?"

How about calling her Smelly Cat? How many people can say THEIR cat has it's own (very catchy) song!