Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mike Rice: unintentional dirty old man

Mike Rice cracks me up; his commentary is peppered with unintentionally dirty comments. Tonight I will do my best to catalog some of the inappropriateness.

Of Jeff Pendergraph:
He'll bang ya. And there's a guy named Dwight Howard on the other team who maybe needs some bangin tonight.
About a foul:
Andre Miller really nailed Howard and he thought it was the big guy, Joel Przybilla, and they're goin' at it.
Just calling the game:
Miller really gets it from behind.
On Joel Przybilla:
Boy I'll tell you, Joel is huffin' cause he is just bangin'. Every time down, him and Dwight Howard bang each other.

You've gotta meet Dwight Howard early so he doesn't get low-post position, so you bang him there. You bang him everywhere.

Joel going out of the game made the Orlando Magic spurt.
Even Mike Barrett got in on it tonight:
It was all set up on the penetration of Bayless.

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