Monday, October 20, 2008

CNN has slow readers

It seems like every day CNN has a new headline related to "Marcia Brady." I think that someone there is reading Maureen McCormick's memoir very slowly and everyday is posting some new tidbit from whatever chapter they've managed to complete. Here is today's: "Marcia Brady says set was 'hormone city'." I did a search to see what the previous ones were, but CNN has the worst search engine ever. And I'm lazy. So you'll just have to take my word for it: someone at CNN is reading a memoir full of rather obvious revelations very, very slowly and they'd like you to know about it.

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Rip Tatermen said...

Remember the time CNN read Charlotte's Web?
They were all like "Time May Be Running Out For Puny Piglet" and "Most Runts Don't Survive First Year", and then they got all giddy, "Girl Gives Pig Second Chance", "Pig Praised by Clever Spider (Jesus seen in Taquito)", and "This Little Piggy Won First Prize". And then all of a sudden "Beautiful Spider Struck Down Senselessly", "Pig's Award Hollow and Meaningless", "God Uncaring, Heartless". And then they sulked for like two weeks, and refused to report on bikini baristas or Amber Alerts.