Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Did I miss something?

Here are my questions/comments from the Republican convention speeches I've watched so far:
  1. When did Washington, D.C. become Liberal?
  2. When did "War Hero" become synonymous with "Ready to be the Most Powerful Person on Earth"? (As Pete says, "Therefore, all POWs should be President!")
  3. How can you have the slogan "Country First" when you have an "Alaska First" VP?
  4. Mitt Romney actually used giving Guantanamo detainees basic rights as an example of how awful the Democrats are. For serial!
  5. And he also railed against the elite East Coast Washington Insiders that run government. Does he know of which state he was governor?
  6. Huckabee said two things that he thinks are related but are clearly not even a little related. First, that he's so sick of hearing about how unqualified Palin is. (Incidentally, me too! She should step down and save us all the headache.) Secondly - and this is not an exact quote (I'm not a stenographer) but it's close - "Sarah Palin got more votes for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska than Joe Biden did for President!" Pete's reaction was, "No she didn't! That's an outright lie!" I think Huckabee was probably being facetious, but I could be wrong.
  7. I mean, he does believe Lincoln founded the Republican Party.
  8. Evidently you don't need to explain how someone is qualified for the job, you just have to tell a super maudlin story about veterans and school children that has nothing to do with anything and that's good enough.
  9. But at least Huckabee's likable. At least it's clear that he really believes in all the crazy crap he says, like earnestly.
  10. And at least they keep to cutting Palin's kids. They're cute and photogenic and well-behaved. They may be the only well-behaved people there.
  11. Guiliani wants approbation for keeping simple, unimportant promises.
  12. As creepy as McCain's smile is, Guiliani's is equally douchebaggy. And yes, that is my personal opinion. I hope no one holds that against me. I'm very ired by this viewing experience.
  13. Guiliani seems to think that the part of this ticket we find hard to believe is that McCain is a patriot who loves his country. He's working very hard to convince us that this is true. At least he's picking an easily attained goal.
  14. When did it become okay to be pro-Reagan again?
  15. They're still arguing experience? THEY'RE STILL ARGUING EXPERIENCE!
  16. Guiliani is seriously a douche. Pete just asked, "How can anyone not hate these people?" Dude, I'm turning it off. Fuck this guy. These aren't arguments, this is just dicking around and pretending like the failing economy, the war in Iraq and everything else that's wrong with the country right now aren't serious problems that deserve serious consideration from qualified professionals.

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