Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Most Recent Movie Recommendations

I must do this quickly before I die of tired.

Movies I have seen recently:

-Eddie Izzard, Unrepeatable.
Not as good as the first one I saw, but I still laughed most of the way through, and look forward to his other performances. Made me think of Joseph, actually. He has a whole thing about why he's a transvestite (or was at the time, I guess). It's very women's lib. Women can wear any article of clothing and men can't; he doesn't think that's quite fair. I thought of 'Seph and his kilt. And the comments/questions he gets. Izzard says it's always groups of men - five, to be exact - saying "Bloke in a dress! bloke in a dress!" to one another. And when he responds, "Yes. I'm a bloke in a dress," they seem at a loss. That seemed like a very Joseph attitude: "Um, duh? Can I help you with anything else, Captain Obvious? Well then, I'm off to be awesome!"

-Iron Man
Oh my god Robert Downey Jr is my new favorite male lead ever and may his franchise live on and become a huger success with each film and may none of them ever suck because seriously dude has seen enough bad shit already and you can see it in his soulful soulful eyes. ::sighhhhh::

-National Treasure II

-The Assassination of Jesse James by that Coward Robert Ford
I may be distantly related to Jesse James (if he was a cousin to the Younger brothers, I was named after their sister, Sydney Anne Younger) so I have naturally always coveted association with his mythology (who doesn't want a famous ancestor, regardless of how they garnered their fame). I wrote a paper on him in the 5th grade that ended with the poem/song of the same name (the source of the movie's title, if you will) so that was pretty neat. That's why I wanted to rent it. Here is what I thought after I saw it:
It's so goddamned beautiful that I was rendered speechless. I'm not even sure if it's a good movie - although I think it may be great - because I was so stupefied by how beautifully it was framed and filmed. Also, Brad Pitt is just amazing. He's so tightly wound, so dark and terrible and paranoid, and yet so tragic and sad and wounded. You know what's going to happen - title's kind of a spoiler - and you can see it ramping up, but by the time it does, you still don't know whether to be sad for him or relieved that he's dead.
And yes, that is Zooey Deschanel doing a little burlesque at the end.

-Erm... Oh! Right! Girl Movie afternoon at mom's.

-27 Dresses
Not as bad as I expected. In fact: entirely watchable. The lead female isn't simpering or dumb, the lead male isn't trying to get in her pants (at least for most of the movie) and in the end, once they've finally been honest with each other, they're rewarded for their candor. Yay?

And more than that and I'd have to check my netflix queue. Which I'm not going to because I have to sleep. Dag! The cat just crawled into my lap. Oh god, I'm being pierced with cuteness! Next she'll start purring and doing that thing where she wraps her little paws around my forearm and then flexes them in her sleep like a tiny, adorable, furry arm hug. Or she'll start yowling. I think Mom might be right: she must be part siamese. She's so loud! I mean, She's so vocal! ::good kitty::


Joseph said...

It's always striking to me the differences in reaction between the genders to my kilt. Women tend to react positively and give me compliments. Men tend to react weirdly and ask me strange questions.

Last time I wore it, for example, I had a woman single me out of the crowd I was in to come over and compliment me on the way I looked. Later that day, a guy I vaguely knew said something to the effect of "It's a good thing that's not actually a skirt. Because, you know, that would be kind of gay." To which I said "aha" and made a mental note that I would be keeping said person in the "vaguely know" category.

SonicLlama said...

For some reason, I thought I would dislike Eddie Izzard. I don't know why, I just had it in my head that he wasn't very good. Then I watched a bunch of his comedy routines, and I was really amused that he made up a whole bunch of routines all about history. Most comedians go for topical stuff, but here was a guy doing material about the Spanish Inquisition (I love the "cake or death" bit) and Achilles. Not many other comics do that.

Joseph- I wonder what would have happened if you looked that guy in the eye and said, entirely deadpan "Well, I am kind of gay." I'm betting you could have gotten either nervous laughter or apologies. Maybe both.

Your kilt is pretty ungay, though. It's not like its covered with lacy bits or you have a big Hello Kitty patch on the crotch. It's all industrial and Scottish and shit.

Sydney said...

But why would lace and hello kitty be gay? Wouldn't they be girly? I mean, how many queens have you seen prancing about in lace and hello kitty? Not even Elton John or Boy George. But that is a super suggestion. Joseph, you've got this intensely masculine look - all swarthy and covered in hair, with your deep voice - so if you said it totally deadpan, totally man-style, it would be terrific because it wouldn't be in the least bit gay (if we're accepting the notion that "gay" and "feminine without ovaries" are synonyms). That would be either the best or worst YouTube video ever!

Beau said...

I am going to say a kilt with Hello Kitty on the crotch would be pretty gay. Mostly in that I can't imagine a straight guy wearing that even in an ironic manner.

But normal kilts, that is another story. Those are pretty cool. As long as the man isn't going commando... that is just unacceptable, Scottish tradition be damned.

Yvonne said...

Well, to add to this list I just watched "Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men From Mars" err I mean "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and it was. Ok. Not super cool, not what I hoped for in an Indie movie, just there. Interestingly from what I hear the plot is very similar to the Stargate SG-1 series in many ways so it can come off as kind of a re-run in a movie version.

Writer on Board said...

SYDNEY. Have you seen Downey in Chaplin?

Sydney said...

Indeed I have. I actually liked that movie, although it's hard for me to tell if that's because it was good or because I was the right age and in the right mood. I also liked him in that one with Marisa Tome looking for a man a gypsy once told her would be love of her life. I remember the guys name was Damon Bradley but I can't remember the name of the movie. RDJr. was the only part that I liked, though. But I think it's his post-prison turns that I've enjoyed the most.