Thursday, April 17, 2008

File under: Ideas that would totally work if Inspector Gadget were still on TV

A laptop for little girls that looks like Penny's book. Yes, that idea is awesome. And I totally would have begged for such a thing 20 years ago. Before laptops existed. And little girls would totally beg for it today if only Inspector Gadget were still on TV. ::sigh::


Joseph said...

That idea is truly inspired. And hell, if they made a Fedora with a built-in helicopter, I would buy that, myself.

SonicLlama said...

Inspector Gadget infuriated me as a child. I wanted him to be awesome, a role model, a cyborg James Bond, a point to aspire to. Instead, he was merely an idiot.

But yeah, those things would totally sell. You could even make other sorts of laptops, like ones that looked like dusty old tomes when closed or whatnot. Tried to images of casemods like that, didn't find much.