Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Notice my links!

I've recently added two new webcomic links to that bar thing on the side. With the links. You know: it's over there ----->
Anyway, you should check them out; they are awesome! Kate Beaton is Canadian and does historical comics as well as comics about her life. She is from Cape Breton and claims to have a crazy accent; I would enjoy to hear it because I love a good accent. (Why is it so much fun to hear one's own language spoken in a way that makes it almost unintelligible? I don't know!)
Anders ::hearts:: Maria is drawn by a Swedish lady, and now I know that "puss" is Swedish for "kiss." My whole Swedish vocabulary now consists of "Swedish," "girl" and "kiss." Oh, and "pant," as in the "I ran so fast I was panting," but I learned that from Anders ::symbol:: Maria as well. I recommend starting this one from the beginning otherwise it is confusing as it is in a flashback right now.
If you are not already reading Achewood, I swear to God.... Do not make me stab you with a fork. Also, Overcompensating has had some really hilarious political comics lately. They're so funny, I almost used "really" twice! And I love Scary Go Round, but Pete's hatred for it grows and grows. I would be interested to know: do any dudes like Scary Go Round or is it just the ladies? If so, kudos to John Allison (the artist) for coming up with the ultimate strategy for gettin' the ladies and gettin' rid of the dudes! (Now I am imagining the Emcee in "Cabaret" inviting people in, saying, "Meinen Damen und Herren, Madames et Monsieurs, Ladies and Dudes...") Or maybe he is gay. I used to totally love the band Moxy Fruvous (which Pete tried very desperately to ruin for me, because he hates all male, Canadian a cappella groups more than Dick Cheney eating the piece of the world's chocolate, thereby ruining sweets for him forever) and I said something about there being "the gay one." Pete said, "Dude - they're all gay." I said, "No they're not. Or at least, only one of them is obviously gay." Pete knitted his eyebrows together the way he does when he believes you are speaking what is fundamentally nonsense. "No, that's the decoy gay, to get you to say, 'Oh, that's the gay one,' and to distract you from the rest of them. They're all gay." Ask him about his theory. He was forced into a field study of this phenomenon while working at Hollywood Video, where he had to watch Tap Dogs again and again. (Also, he hates tap dancing. And musical theater. Although I'm not sure that last one is related. I think he just doesn't find their breaking out into song all the time believable. Too much Python as a lad, perhaps.)


ALSO, I MADE THIS AWESOME ASCII DOG (or whatever it's called with the pictures of dots and slashes) BUT THE THING MESSED IT UP. ::sad:: This is another try. With periods.

Man, that is scary as fuck. It's like that dog is being shot with some kind of crazy particle ray.

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