Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moving! Also, this thing I found!

So we are finally all moved in, although we're still unpacking. And still writing thank you cards for wedding gifts. If you haven't received one yet, we're working on it! It would help us, if you have recently moved, if you could send us your address. Except Joseph: he's totally on top of things. ::gold star::

In other news, I found a note in the pocket of my winter coat from my cousin's wedding last spring. Here is what it says:

What is it with weddings and satan these days? And the admonitions against cheating?! SO WEIRD!

Let's make sure that we tell whoever marries us "no discussion of philandering" if we have any kind of ceremony.

I use nanobots to control you.

In your food.

Dude- where is he going with this?

[A family friend] says they've [my cousin and his girlfriend] been getting couples counseling with her pastor. I wonder if it's this guy.

I plan to be 90% of the trouble.

I would like to thank my brother for being awesome at our wedding and not talking about philandering, nanobots, womanly wiles, or the devil.


Joseph said...

Gold star! Yay!

Eric said...

The nanobots are already in control. We should all just more or less accept this fact and move on with what little we now control in our own little lives.